The key to a successful lineout is speed of execution and the receiving pod (jumper + lifters) working in synergy with the hooker throwing the ball in.

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To achieve this a few keys factors need to be in place:

1. Preparation speed – get to the lineout first to set and get the call in early.
If you can be a few seconds in front of the defending jumpers you will beat them as all it takes is to be 1 second ahead of a defending jumper to get in front for the ball.

2. Anticipation – keeping an eye on the opposition lifters & jumpers allows the jumper to time the jump e.g. if a defending prop is not focusing on their jumpers feet and legs they will not be quick to react to the lift so look at targeting that.

3. Foot positions – props need to have their feet shoulder width apart similar to a back squat in the gym, as this will create a stable to base to support the jumper. Jumpers need to ready themselves with feet closer in to generate more power for the jump; a wide base will not allow maximal power in the jump.

4. Explosive lift – the lifters must work quickly and efficiently to thrust the jumper into the air, ensure arms are fully extended to achieve maximum lifting height (see Gary’s clip explaining this below).

To achieve all of the above-mentioned points come lineout time, this skill needs to be practiced to ensure speed of execution. Below are a few drills to use that will assist in coaching lineout pods, these drills are an ideal warm up before a line out practice session and can be used as part of a match day warm up.


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  by Greg Commins | Technical Zone


Line-out Pods – Lifting Technique & The Importance Of Speed

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