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Starting position is a 4-man line out with your jumper playing scrumhalf. The backline is setup with 9 standing in the pocket 10m back expecting the first pass, 10 and 12 are standing flat with 12 being supported by two forwards one on either side (preferably your 6 and 7), 13 and 14 out wide and 11 and 15 in line with the supporting loosies as sweepers behind the backline on the left. From the lineout the ball is received by the wrapping number 2 from an OT (off the top) ball and delivers a pass to 9 running hard at the gain line. 9 delivers a flat skip pass (missing 10) to 12 who runs hard at the centre field, just before contact 12 must cut in and switch with the inside loose forward who is running in support. At the breakdown 12 and other supporting forward must assist with the clean out, quick ball is vital! While this is happening the tight 5 have moved into the “dummy running” position at flyhalf on the left hand side of the breakdown, 8 has dropped back onto the wing on the left with 11 and 15 on number 8’s inside ready to attack left. 13 and 14 must run as if receiving the ball open side and the forward pod runs as if receiving the ball-closed side. 9 switches play to the left and deliver’s a ball behind the forward pods back to 10 who is supported by 11; 15 and 8. It is important that 9 runs a sweeping line behind the play in case of an interception or a drop ball.

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