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Starting position is a 4-man line out with the jumper playing scrumhalf. The backline is setup with 9 standing in the pocket 10m back expecting the first pass, 10 standing flat with 6 and 7 slightly wider looking to receive flat pass attacking centre field. Outside 6 and 7 are 12, 13,14 and 15 with number 11 running around from the blind side wing position. From the lineout the ball is received by the wrapping number 2 from an OT (off the top) ball and delivers a pass to 9 running hard at the gain line. 9 offloads to 10 behind the flat running 6 and 7, 10 then passes behind the flat running 12 and 13 to the wrapping blind side wing who is supported out wide by 15 and 14. 15 and 14 become primary cleaners if a try is not scored and 9 must clear quickly to play the ball back to the reformed attack which has 10,12,13 and the entire forward pack with can be used for various plays i.e. punching up the middle off 10 and 12 or if close to the line a very effective play is to shift the ball wide and have a heavy tight forward running full flight from 5m out at a smaller back line player!

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