We have a look at a massive hand-off by Waisake Naholo and Simone Favaro’s Big tackle on Nicolas Sanchez, and discuss how they did it.

Waisake Naholo Big fend on George North

Poor Tackle Assessment:

  • No threat to attacker, hesitated and stopped his forward momentum got “stuck in the mud”
  • North did not try to close the space between himself and Naholo
  • No power step into the hit
  • Upright body position
  • Arms spread wide exposing his shoulders to injury and opened his chest as a target for the powerful Naholo to hand off


Simone Favaro Big tackle on Nicolas Sanchez

Positive Tackle Assessment:

  • Closed the space down
  • Won the race to the advantage line and made a positive hit on the attacker’s side of the advantage line
  • Power step, foot in close to contact
  • Attacked the ball in the hit with strong shoulder contact and aggressive arm wrap and squeeze
  • Powerful leg drive to increase velocity and ferocity of the hit


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Positive and Poor Tackle Assessment

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