The single most important task  players need to complete when receiving a kick off is to secure it! It is an old rugby saying, "A try has only been scored when the scoring side is back in the opposition's half". Greg Commins looks into receive formation and the five most important points to remember when receiving a kickoff.

The five most important points to remember when receiving the kick off are:

  1. Loud and clear call for the ball.
  2. Ensure your most skillful jumpers and catchers are in the normal targeted areas.
  3. Spacing of receiving pods and 2nd row of players on the 22m. Don’t bunch as that opens space to be exploited.
  4. Support for the catchers as they might need to be lifted above the opposition to ensure no hands get the tap back and the supporters must communicate to the catcher where the opposition is as the catcher has their eyes on the ball.
  5. Catchers must ensure that their shoulders are turned square to the opposition when receiving the kick to ensure the ball is protected on landing and if it is spilled it goes backwards.



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by Greg Commins | Technical Zone

Kick off – receiving

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