There are six important areas that need to be taken care of during the kick off chase:

1. The ‘touchline wing’ must start outside the touchline and run an arc line in behind the opposition-jumping pod anticipating the tap back. If there is no tap back the winger should quickly retreat back on sides.

2. Three ‘pressure pods’ usually broken up into two pods of a prop and a lock and one pod of the loose forward trio. The ‘tight’ pods must push the receiving jumpers looking for the tap back while the loose forward trio apply pressure on the mid field and close to the fringes stopping the ball from going open side.

3. Number 2 (hooker) to be ‘acting half back’ (9) behind the two ‘tight pods’ in case possession is regained.

4. Both centre’s (12 & 13) with the flyhalf (10) push up as ‘line blockers’ in the mid field, protecting the open play attack, open side wing to read if the opposition are going to attack or kick, if they attack the wing must push into the line with the fullback sweeping behind.

5. Half back (9) is the ‘touchline guard’ just behind half way anticipating the return kick.

6. Fullback and open side wing to act as ‘sweepers’ for the middle or open side attack or kick.

By setting your kick chase formation up in this way you will ensure the correct amount of pressure is being applied onto the opposition without thinning your defense and opening holes for a possible counter attack.

Your goal is to force the opposition into kicking, giving possession back to you via a lineout or counter attack opportunity. The other positive outcome would be for your ‘pressure pods’ to create a turnover by a tap back or having numbers at the break down to strip the opposition of ball.



Kick off – chase

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