Expert Session 21 – Warm Up Passing Skills Session is about 15 minutes long and suitable for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players.Be sure to follow this guide with it’s video SESSION.

It focuses on:
• Eye hand co-ordination.
• Basic ball handling technique.
• Core passing power.
• Decision making.

Warm-up Drills: Equipment: Cones & Balls | Time: 15 minutes

Push Pass @ 15 passes left and right, alternate arms each rep.


Scoop Pass @ 15 passes left & right, alternate arms each rep.


Static pass @ 15 passes left and right, switch after completing one side.


Crossover hands @ 4 min – continuous rest 1min.


3 vs 2  @ 2 min left + 30 sec rest then 2 min right = 5 min total.

Greg’s tip:PUSH PASS – players must stand hips square to each other in an athletic posewhich is knees slightly bent with hips slightly back and straight spine with chestout. Load the passing arm with elbow @ the side then push forward rotating thehand over making the ball slightly spiral towards passing partner..

SCOOP PASS – players must place the ball on their back foot to generate the ‘pullthrough power’ from the floor. Keep the spine straight and push through the passending up with their arm pointing at the passing partner (target) after each pass.

STATIC PASS – to engage the core and ensure the players use correct arm rotationthe player must pass left with left leg forward and right with their right footforward. By doing this they will anchor themselves and this full force them to usecorrect upper body mechanics passing over their static leg. The players should endeach pass with hands through and pointing at their target.

CROSSOVER HANDS – players must watch their depth and communicate clearlywith each other. Line speed should be smooth and passing in front of each other atall times.

3 v 2 – Timing, depth & communication are vital in this drill. The pace shouldincrease as the players will be warmer so tempo should be high. The two defendersfor the sake of this drill should simply push up in a straight line and not interfere tomuch with the passers they are simple moving objects that the attackers need to beaware of for timing and accuracy purposes.

This quick 15 minute set of drills will get the players warm with ball in handand ready to practice + they will be improving their core passing skills inthe process. Very effective and useful for all levels from international teamsdown to mini rugby.

Expert Session 21 – Warm Up – Passing Skills

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