An appropriate rugby recovery program will need to address all four-fatigue elements, and will need to integrate strategies which address all four elements.

  • Physiological Strategies
    These require the replacement of energy substrates and the removal of metabolic bi-products. This should involve a cool down and nutritional strategy, which promotes physiological recovery and provides for an intake of appropriate nutrients to refuel.
  • Neural Strategies
    This will involve a number of aspects such as the replenishment of key neural transmitters, and can be facilitated by appropriate hydrotherapy and self massage strategies
  • Tissue Damage Strategies
    This involves strategies which minimize the levels of tissue damage and promote healing. Appropriate cryotherapy (ice/cold) can be utilized effectively here.
  • Psychological Strategies
    This requires that the athlete is able to distance themselves from the stresses and worries of the game. This form of recovery needs to incorporate methods by which the athlete can disengage from the game and engage in relaxation activity.

Developing the Recovery Strategy

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