Expert Session 10 – Contact Ready Session is about 35 minutes long and suitable for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players.

Be sure to use this guide with it’s accompanying SESSION.

It focuses on:

• Prepare for contact session.

• Develop safe falling technique.

• Develop core strength in contact situation.

Session Plan:

Warm Up  10 minutes | Skills & Drills 25 minutes 

Warm Up:

Equipment:       | Time: 10 minutes


  Shoulder Drops @ 30sec per player.

Ball Handling Relays @ 1min then into 10 press ups, rest 30 sec x 2 sets.


  Ball Handling Relays #2 @ 1min then into 10 press ups, rest 30 sec x 2 sets.


  Knee Slaps @ 30sec x 2 sets.

Greg's tip:

Start the session by switching the core muscles on with a full body stability exercise, the shoulder drop. The relays and knee slaps get the players warm while using the ball and playing games which mini ruggas love. If you want to up the tempo have the kid’s race against each other, a little competition is always healthy, but ensure correct technique is being used at all times.

Use this session combined with a 45min skills session for a full 90min practice or by itself if time is limited.

Skills & Drills:

Equipment: Cones & Balls | Time: 25 minutes


  Ground Contact (Forwards) @ 10 drops per player.


Ground Contact (Backwards) @ 10 drops per player.


  Push Up Arm Wrestle @ 30sec work, rest 30 sec x 3 sets.


  Turtle Back Wrestling @ 1 minute, rest 30 sec then switch players x 2.


Tackle Technique Front On – @ 2 min, rest 30sec then change tackler x 2 sets per player.

Greg's tip:

When preparing mini ruggas for making contact with the ground it is imperative to teach them correct falling technique as this will minimize the risk of injury, so start your session with the two simple ground prep drills.

The pushup arm and turtle back wrestling are great functional strength drills and further prep for contact. When entering the tackle drill it is vital that players are taught correct technique and please emphasis the head placement on the hip and wrapping of the arms, this is a tackle safety drill and can be done at half or ¾ pace.



Expert Training Session 10 – Mini Rugby Contact Ready

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