We have a look at a big hits and give some pointers on how to make a perfect hit.

Although controversial, there are still a lot to take away from it…

  • Read the threat perfectly, the attacker was isolated and well behind the advantage line
  • Spot tackle was on due to the lack of threat by ball carrier
  • He won the race to the advantage line and made a positive tackle on the attacker’s side of the advantage line
  • The Tackle:
    • Low body position
    • Aggressive power step into the hit
    • Got his “shoulder on” to maximize hit
    • Spine straight in the hit for solid impact and power transfer into the attacker
    • Strong aggressive arm wrap and squeeze to sweep the legs

General Points About His Defensive Effort:

  • Extreme work rate to be in so many positive tackle positions
  • Most of his hits were just below the below, nice and low
  • Always had an aggressive arm wrap to ensure the attacker did not slip the tackle
  • He always tries to quickly recycled himself onto his feet to jackal the ball or move back on side


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Big Hit Breakdown

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